Cabinets have never been produced in large series. They are the true example of applied arts, half way between a piece of furniture and a work of art. In past centuries the production of each Cabinet was affected by the intensity of the craftsman’s commitment to his own creative genius, although always in keeping with the formal style of the time and of his particular workshop. Manifattura Milanese proposes again this practice in offering to its clients the possibility of creating they very own Cabinet in combining the following elements :     ■ A case of various fine wood essences or lacquers     ■ Or a case in metal of pure stainless steel or with sophisticated galvanic finishes     ■ A central image which is a genuine work of art from Luigi Gattinara to choose from the various subjects proposed in the following pages. Through the various choices offered and the different possibilities one can thus create one’s very own Cabinet according to one’s taste and requirements, and order a unique work of art.
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In order to answer to your special requests, Manifattura Milanese can realize models with unique and special finishes. It is possible to have your monogram or coat of arms engraved on metal parts. Luigi Gattinara can also create a single unique work, which includes in its subject your most cherished possessions or a personal portrait. The work will have to be agreed by Luigi Gattinara through Manifattura Milanese. In order to do so, please contact our dedicated bespoke department.