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How is an idea born? It is always difficult to remember the beginning of a project. Of course all ideas stem from somewhere: from a passion for the arts, for history and for interior decoration, and for having lived in surroundings filled with them. In such a way Manifattura Milanese was born. But we also believe that chance, as always, encounters and friends have contributed in decisive manner to its creation. In the end we have built a well structured and properly managed firm on our solid professional experience. We cannot say when passion and chance encounters have helped shape the project of producing contemporary Cabinets, as we have always known those extraordinary pieces of furniture since childhood. It is later though that we have been able to understand the fascinating idea of order and rationality encompassed within the concept of the Cabinet, as well as its dreamlike dimension and ideal of perfection. Manifattura Milanese was thus created to bring back the ideals of style, luxury and creativity in the applied arts, alive in the Lombard capital city since the fifteenth century. We carry on this tradition of top craftsmanship and we are proudly rooted in the region and its history. Fabrizio Finzi – Has studied and graduated in Milan in Political Economy, then obtained a Master in Business Administration before building a career as Manager in the car industry for important brands. Marco Spatti – Graduated in Design in Turin and collaborated with prestigious names of the Italian Design before creating his own studio. His creations have been produced by famous brand marks in the field of lighting and furnishing.